Today in Best Men’s Gear (BMG) we’ll be bringing you a concept rescue vehicle from 2SYMPLEKS, a traditional Australian home with a modern addition, and a big ass machete. So without further ado…


2SYMPLEKS Surgo Mountain Rescue Vehicle

This is one of the coolest designs we’ve seen in a while. The vehicle is was created through extensive research and surveys with mountain volunteer search and rescue teams. They then took all the information they gathered and created a vehicle which dealt with the team’s most crucial intervention issues.


Castlecrag House

Located in New South Wale, Australia, the Castlecrag House ($CALL) is a wonderful example of modern architecture mixing with a 1940’s house. The initial brief from the clients requested their modest brick home be integrated with a new addition to the rear of the house. Green Box Architecture approached the design by using a skylight that runs the length of the house creating a clear delineation between the existing structure and the contemporary 2 story addition in the rear. Giving the home a cohesiveness you wouldn’t expect from two completely different elements.


Tops Knives El Chete Machete

The Tops Knives El Chete Machete ($300) was made for one thing…to chop. This is no wimpy knife. It features a blade that is a foot long which is made out of 1095 RC 56-58 steel and has a new finish called acid rain. The handle is made from sandwiched Micarta and will fill your hand like a handle or small ax handle. The complete ax measures just over 17 inches and weighs a whopping two pounds. If you’re in the market for a wonderful hiking or camping knife look no further than the El Chete Machete.