Welcome to our next edition of Best Men’s Gear (BMG). During the week we’re going to search the web for the latest and greatest in men’s gear. Whether it’s the latest ride, a functional backpack, a cool motorcycle or vintage car. If it’s cool, we’ll bring it to you and show you where you can get it.

Today we’ll be bringing you a motorcycle for the surfer, an emergency tool to get you out of tough scrapes, and a rooftop tent. So without further ado…

Best Men’s Gear Today

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Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle

If you’re into surfing exotic locations, then Deus Ex Machina is the customizer you want making your next motorcycle. We’ve previously covered bikes from them that were specifically geared towards the surfer. These included the Seasider and the Deus Ex Machina Bali dog. There latest the Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle ($CALL) is a collaboration with Yamaha and the third entry in their Yard Build Project.

Since seeing a motorcycle with a wheelchair they’ve had the urge to build a three wheel motorcycle and Yamaha has helped make that dream come true. The loaner bike was a Yamaha XV950 and upgrades include a new sidecar with 19″ wheel and integrated door, aluminum tank, and mudguards, Sella Alcantara nautical cover, front Discacciati front breaks with 6-piston calipers, Firestone tires, custom paint job by Kaos Design, and a ton of smaller changes. The D-Side is the perfect bike for a day out on the beach.

Autoxscape 3-In-1 Car Emergency Tool

The Autoxscape 3-in-1 Car Emergency Tool ($60) is the perfect addition to any glove box or the perfect gift for a loved one to add a little extra piece of mind. It’s constructed with military-grade aluminum so it will last for generations. It is also fully waterproof and features a textured rubber handle that improves the grip in wet and cold environments. The Autoxscape includes a high-powered 50 lumen LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter, and a window punch. The window punch is made from tungsten steel and can easily break any tempered car window.

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Evasion Evolution Rooftop Tent

Love camping but don’t like the idea of sleeping on the ground with creepy crawlies? Then the Evasion Evolution Rooftop Tent ($3599) is for you. The Evolution easily attaches to most cars and when closed looks no bigger than a luggage carrier. When open you get a 55″w x 78″l x 41″h tent. And when closed it’s just 13 inches high. To open the tent just release the catches and it will automatically open in about 5 seconds.

Closing is just as easy. Just push the top down and the sides automatically draw into the hull. Additional features include a 360-degree view, a high-density foam mattress, and motorized ventilation.