Welcome to our next edition of Best Men’s Gear (BMG). During the week we’re going to search the web for the latest and greatest in men’s gear. Whether it’s the latest ride, a functional backpack, a cool motorcycle or vintage car. If it’s cool, we’ll bring it to you and show you where you can get it.

Today we’ll be bringing you a custom Defender 90, a watch winder made from an engine block, and a beach house you’d love to retire to. So without further ado…

Best Men’s Gear Today

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ECD Land Rover Defender 90 Honey Badger

East Coast Defender is a dream come true for Defender lovers in the United States. They take U.K. beauties and make them road worthy for folks on the other side of the pond. Their latest creation is the ECD Land Rover Defender 90 Honey Badger ($159,000). It’s a handcrafted Defender 90 that features an LS3 V-8 430-hp Chevy engine paired with a six-speed T56 manual transmission. Every Defender that ECD builds is built to the client’s needs and specifications and the Honey Badger is no different. Additional upgrades include Moal Bomber gauges, Kenwood infotainment center, JBL speakers with sub, LED lighting and ivory leather Corbeau seats. If you want your own Defender and are in the states, give East Coast Defender a call.

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Vulcan Innova Vi52 Watch Winder

If you have a love of watches and cars, then the Vulcan Innova VI52 Watch Winder ($CALL) is exactly what you’re looking for. Th VI52 watch winder is made from an inline six engine block. The M52 block was most notably used in the BMW M3. Each block is thoroughly cleaned and modified to host up to six watches. Each winder has up to three pre-programmed modes and is fully customizable in speed, acceleration, and frequency. When the winder is operational, each watch cushion is locked in its cylinder until you use the provided key to unlock it. When unlocked the cylinder majestically rises out of the block. Only 52 units will be made so if you want one give Vulcan a call.

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The Merricks Beach House

Prebuilt is an Australian based designer who creates some of the most beautiful homes on the continent. One of their latest projects is the Merricks Beach House ($CALL) in Victoria. It’s a family home that connects perfectly with the native coastal environment. It is made up of seven modules that contain three bedrooms, a playroom, and an open living space. The exterior is a mixture of dark-stained timber, contrasting natural timber and galvanized steel. A beautiful home set in the perfect location. Prebuilt offers standard home packages as well as full custom homes.