Keychain Bottle Opener

The most simple things in life that perform a single task perfectly are more often the best things. The Brass Keychain Bottle Opener ($9) fits this mantra perfectly. It is custom designed and CNC machined from solid naval brass meaning it will last for generations of use. Over the first month or two, it will develop a nice patina giving it some great character. It measures just 1.25″ long and 5/16″ in diameter. This is the fifth generation of the bottle opener so it does its job very well. It perfectly grabs on to the lid and removes it on the first try every time. Your order will also come with a large steel ring, that can be used for additional leverage.

Benny Gold X Good Worth Key/Bottle Opener Combo

With of the most awarded clothing designers around, Benny Gold has done a collaboration with Good Worth to create the Benny Gold X Good Worth Bottle Opener ($14). It can either be a key or a bottle opener, you decide. The key is delivered blank, so all you have to do is go to your local hardware store and get it cut. And after all of your hard work, kick back with a cold beverage which you can open with your new handy keychain bottle opener.

Pico Bottle Opener

If you’re looking for a minimalist bottle opener that you’ll barely notice on your keychain, then you need to take a look at the Pico Bottle Opener ($11). The Pico came about because the manufacturers wanted to use up the scrap metal from their other products. The end result is a small, yet very effective, Titanium bottle opener that is about the size of a quarter. Operating it is very simple. Just hook the end on the bottle cap and pull the ring. Easy Peasy.

Fly Pry Titanium Keychain Bottle Opener

The Fly Pry ($25) isn’t just a bottle opener. It’s one of the smallest keychain bottle openers on the list, but it does so much more. In fact it may be one of the smallest multi-tools on the market. So what does this little guy do? Besides being a bottle opener it is a zip puller, a box opener, a hook screwdriver, a pull-tab lifter, can opener and much more. You just don’t have to put it on your keychain either, it can be attached to your backpack zipper, neck lanyard, or even your sweater. The Fly Pry is made in the United States and is available for order.