Sometimes you just don’t need huge speakers. But you also don’t want a pair of crappy speakers from your local discount store. In our Best Bookshelf Speakers Guide we’ve listed our favorite bookshelf speakers of all time. Any of these speakers will be sound great in your room. First up are the Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speakers

Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speakers

The world’s highest level accurate sound. To all music fans as well as audio fans the Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speakers ($1200) realized a balance of the world’s highest level precise sound playback and ease of use that you can enjoy even without the expertise or expertise of audio. In the world of Hi-Fi audio, accurate sound is pursued to the world’s highest level, at the same time, Simple and easy operability is pursued thoroughly. It became easy for all music fans to enjoy the excellent expressive power of the top artist, the comfort and healing of the sound of the raw instruments. 192 kHz / 24 bit high sound quality high resolution Built-in speaker unit dedicated to thorough pursuit of faithful reproduction of time waveform Wi-Fi / USB B (for PC / Mac), USB A (for iPhone / iPod touch), analog (3.5 mm stereo mini) with Wi-Fi network media module with AirPlay installed,

Jbl Authentics L16 Bluetooth Speakers

Now, 300 watts of energizing music can be yours, without wires or complex speaker configurations. Inspired by the legendary JBL Century L100 loudspeaker, the JBL Authentic L16 Bluetooth Speakers ($1000) blends classic acoustic speaker designs and advanced wireless technology. It offers a real, walnut-veneered wooden enclosure, exceptional audio quality and easy wireless connectivity to a wide range of devices via AirPlay, DLNA and Bluetooth. The free JBL Music Flow app lets you easily control the speaker with iOS or Android mobile devices, and even charge compatible mobile devices with the speaker’s built-in USB ports. Interchangeable foam grills in different colors and Qi wireless charging are also available options, sold separately. Enjoy studio-quality JBL stereo sound from a single, stylish enclosure. Harman Signal Doctor technology improves the quality of compressed audio streams making your music sound amazing, wherever it comes from.

Little Horn Speakers

These horns turn the audio world upside down! They possess a lifelike soundstage unlike anything ever heard. With the Little Horn Speakers ($4800), the soundstage gets bigger, the instruments spread apart, and the stage unfolds.

A special inverted design enables the low frequencies to emerge at the top of the enclosure. An octagonally fluted horn carries them upward and lets them flourish into the room. The immense structural rigidity of the horns octagonal geometry minimizes resonances yet allows sound waves to expand freely the way nature intended. There is simply something beautiful here, not just bass frequency reproduction, but a spatial imaging that belies the speaker’s size.

The Little Horns can be used with almost any stereo system, and are also uniquely suited to low-power (10-watts or less per channel), single-ended triode (SET) tube amplifiers – a standard for audiophiles everywhere. Pair these speakers with our matching stereo tube amplifier and create a unique ensemble that an iPod or other sound sources can be plugged directly into.

Or for a minimalist setup, pair the Little Horns with Specimen’s satellite/sub-woofer. This self-contained unit connects directly to your iPod, mp3 player, computer, CD player, or other sound sources. It is a small, 11-inch cube containing a 50-watt sub-woofer and two 25-watt satellite feeds for the Little Horns.

For those seeking extra slam below 100 hertz, the Little Horns can be used in conjunction with our 300-watt Subwoofer. Also built using the same Baltic Birch, this 14-inch unit can be finished to match your Little Horns and hooks up directly to your amplifier.

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Speakers ($700) delivers a whole new standard in wireless home audio. Hi-Fi quality drive units, advanced digital processing, and a new, incredibly rigid body are combined with amazing connection options in the form of AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX, and Spotify Connect to ensure that Zeppelin Wireless is the best sounding, best looking, best built Wireless speaker available.

Zeppelin Wireless is the same iconic design of the original Zeppelin but features dramatically improved acoustics and functionality, making it the best one-piece audio system available.

All-new drive units featuring the latest audiophile technologies: 2 double dome tweeters, two midrange drivers with FST technology and a 6.5″ subwoofer for deep bass to be played at an impressive volume.

No matter what device you use with Zeppelin Wireless, the combination of AirPlay, Bluetooth aptX, and Spotify Connect means the pristine sound is only a couple of button presses away.

Supported by Bowers & Wilkins free control app for easy setup. dimensions Height 188mm Width 660mm Depth 183mm.

Bowers & Wilkins’ Zeppelin Wireless comes with a 2-year limited warranty only when purchased from an authorized dealer. Amplifier power output: 2x 25W (tweeter), 2x 25W (midrange), 1x 50W (subwoofer).

Omnidirectional MLTL By Joey Roth

The Omnidirectional MLTL By Joey Roth ($450) takes a small 2″ speaker and wraps it in a beautiful package that delivers incredibly natural sound. So why a transmission line speaker? Most mass produced speakers are housed in either sealed boxes or boxes with ports/vents. Both of these setups colors sound as a result sound waves bouncing off the cabinet walls and hitting the bass driver. These cabinets also suffer from high pressure that builds up behind the bass cone that results in a ‘canned sound’.

Transmission line speakers sound better because the line resolves the pressure issue and the issue of waves bouncing back through the rear of the driver, by forcing the air through an internal labyrinth. The TL also loads the bass driver and lowers its resonant frequency. This extends the low end while also reducing the work required by the driver. Joey Roth’s speaker is a mass-loaded transmission line that uses quarter-wave harmonics to extend that bass response.

Joey’s MLTL is 15.5 inches high has a 3 inch length and a 4 inch width. It utilizes a 2 inch Fountek FR58EX full-range speaker along with a wood ball that diffuses the sound in all directions. Additional features include a Bluetooth antenna and a TPA3118 amplifier setup in bridge mono. This speaker comes in either Raw aluminum or graphite and will look great in any environment.

Astovox By Love Hultén

The Astovox By Love Hultén ($2575) combines pure form with great performance. The cubic casings are handmade from African Mahogany while the front panels comes in a classic brushed aluminium finish. If desired, the wooden stands can be removed – offering the user optional arrangements. This modular design allows the system to blend into any space.

The ported speakers houses two Pioneer TS-D1702R 6.75″ drivers with built-in 2-way crossover. Thanks to its top of the line Aramid/Basalt composite construction these drivers are able to maintain clarity over a wide audio range. Highs and lows sound equally good. The gold plated wire terminals on the back secure most high-quality speaker wires.

The amplifier(2x50W) is built around the very sound TPA3116 chip from Texas Instruments and comes with tone control to adjust and set desired frequencies. It uses Bluetooth for input, but also comes with a 3.5 AUX port on the back if a cable is preferred.

Speaker – 34x20x20cm (20x20x20cm without stand)
Amplifier – 10x20x20cm

Master & Dynamics MA770 Concrete Wireless Speaker

They Master & Dynamics MA770 Concrete Wireless Speaker ($1800) redefines the sound experience for creative minds. Designed with Sir David Adjaye, the WiFi or Bluetooth-connected speaker is made of an acoustically superior proprietary concrete composite. Audio componentry incorporates efficient dual 4″ woven Kevlar long throw woofers and a 1.5″ titanium tweeter which are tuned to provide a rich, detailed and expansive sound that perfectly fills the home, office or studio. A magnetically attached stainless steel grille is removable for those that prefer the look of the exposed components and hand-finished concrete.