Hey, music lovers. Let’s explore some new Bluetooth speakers to take your music experience to another level! Here we bring you The Best Bluetooth Speakers ($36-$375) you can find anywhere.

There are many features we reviewed before creating this list. These include sound quality and battery life. The ability of the speaker to withstand water conditions is also critical. As well as build quality, Bluetooth capabilities and range, and reputation of the brand.

Based on the results, the following list of Bluetooth speakers performed well. We’ve also kept in mind the affordability factor, so there are no speakers on the list above $375. Check out the best Bluetooth speakers below:


Thonet Vander Kurbis Bluetooth Speaker

What do you get when dependable German engineering meets cutting-edge technology? You get the ultimate in superior sound quality on a budget. The revamped Thonet Vander Kurbis speakers ($99) offer a reliable and contemporary design. They will look great in any space. And will provide the best start for your new home cinema system set up, all for under $100!


UE Roll Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Introducing the ultimate solution in portable wireless speakers! The UE Roll Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker ($100) delivers an ultra-rugged speaker that can go anywhere. Down the beach, climbing a mountain or even white water rafting this little speaker provides 360-degree crystal clear sound. The UE Roll has an extensive 65ft wireless range and is usable in conjunction with another UE Roll for an even bigger party! All functions can be controlled seamlessly through the mobile app that runs on many handheld devices. If that wasn’t enough if you order now you’ll get a functional float that your UE Roll can rest on entirely free! But order quickly to avoid disappointment.


Braven BRV Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The toughest, smallest wireless speaker has arrived in the form of the Braven BRV Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($150), featuring a host of functionality and incredible sound quality. With a mightily impressive 15 hours of battery life, a certified rust-resistant waterproof housing and multiple accessories this is a stylish long-term solution to your wireless speaker problems. Maximise sound by utilizing the clever Stacking Plate which allows you to link two of these devices together or why not enjoy some sun while your Braven speaker recharges under the solar charging panel accessory. The Braven BRV Pro Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is not one to miss!


Boombot Pro Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for something more compact yet still packed with superior sound quality? Then the Boombot Pro ($99) is here to show you how it’s done and done in style. Lightweight in design the Boombot will clip onto your belt with ease and due to its smaller size, it won’t keep getting in your way. The Boombot lives up to its name with an incredible output of 95 decibels thanks to its integrated full-range stereo and bass woofer, meaning you can take the party with you whenever you want! As you’d expect, this mighty little machine is completely water resistant and features an all-day rechargeable battery for your convenience. The Boombot is suitable for use with an enormous range of devices including phone, iPod, Tablet or even your laptop. Get the freedom to enjoy the sounds you want to listen to with the Boombot Pro and all for just $99.


Minirig Bluetooth Speaker

The small and mighty Minirig Bluetooth Speaker ($128) is a modern marvel of UK engineering with its minimalist design and outstanding sound quality. Designed to plug and play you can your entourage can enjoy up to 50 hours of playtime, anytime, anywhere! The newly re-designed Minirig features all the familiar features of the original design while kicking it up a notch in terms of quality and output. It’s easy to use design and versatility have made the Minirig one of the best available, head on over and check it out for yourself. The reviews for this piece speak volumes!

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Marshall Headphones Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker

If designer retro and superior quality are a must, then the vintage styled Marshall Headphones Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker ($296) will check all the boxes and more. Utilising the design of the classic Marshall and combining it with superior wireless technology gives this Bluetooth speaker solution a different offering from the competition. Take the show on the road with up to 20 hours of playback and with it only weighing just 3kgs it’s also easy to carry. This superior sound speaker delivers a superbly balanced audio as you’d expect from Marshall, featuring a clear mid-range and extended high for one of the best mobile audio experiences in the world.


Hercules Bluetooth Speaker

Delivering the ultimate in outdoor speaker experiences comes the Hercules Bluetooth Speaker ($44), with its insane sound quality and an even more insanely low price! Priced at under $50 and featuring a full IP64 rating the Hercules is not only water resistant but also dust resistant, making it the ideal outdoor speaker solution no matter the environment. Straight out of the box the Hercules comes with a handy charging device so that you can charge on the go; however, the 14 hours of continuous playback will have you enjoying yourself until you pass. For under $50 it’s worth keeping in the boat, truck or camper as a handy wireless speaker suitable for many occasions.


Thodio Bluetooth Boombox

If you love something a little unique in your portable speaker, then you can’t get any more exclusive than the Thodio Bluetooth Boombox ($349+), the high-end speaker that can blow away the competition. Handmade using repurposed .50 caliber ammo cases they’re a treat for the eyes as well as the ears thanks to the use of superior glass fiber coaxial speakers, outputting a worthy 30 watts RMS. It also has a handy indicator that will let you know the current status of battery levels. The entry level model is capable of a clearer, punchier and louder sound than almost all of the competition. The Thodio range of Bluetooth speakers is the only choice for those wanting superior sound quality in an exclusive package.


Drytunes Waterproof Speaker

If you’re a keen sailor or extreme sports enthusiast then finding the right portable speaker can be tough. However, with the first 100% fully submersible and dustproof Drytunes Waterproof Speaker ($375), all your prayers have been answered! Designed to be played while closed this extreme Bluetooth speaker features safe internal storage within its sturdy construction and thanks to the carry handle it can easily be moved around when needed. Premium sound can be enjoyed both above and below the surface, making it ideal for any extreme environment or even just for the pool and kids! The Drytunes Waterproof Speaker is a worthy investment that will last a lifetime.


Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker

The Audioengine B2 Bluetooth Speaker ($300) set out to improve upon the market leaders by offering unsurpassed sound quality and wireless range. The hand-crafted wooden cabinet gives it a classic edge while the award-winning sound quality makes it a premium Bluetooth speaker package. Capable of working in conjunction with a multitude of devices it’s also incredibly easy to use and is sure to satisfy even the fussiest of audiophiles. Enjoy the surprising sound quality and contemporary aesthetics with the premium Audioengine B2 speaker.


Logitech UE Mobile Boombox

This ultimate speaker by Logitech produces an exceptional sound that blows off the bass and rocks you with its crystal clear sound. Logitech UE Mobile Boombox ($70) sounds better than other speakers in the market of the similar price range. It is lightweight, weighing only 10.1 pounds and does not need any additional software or app to run it. Covering up to 50 feet wireless distance and having a built-in rechargeable battery with 10-hour standby, this speaker is a must have fun booster.


Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II ($200) provides superior sound quality due to built-in 5″ frequency drivers. Enjoy clear and heavy sound in the range of 30 feet with the ease of carrying the speaker anywhere and everywhere because of its lightweight. You can enjoy non-stop music for 7 hours due to its lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a full-range listening experience powered by its advanced audio performance. All of this makes it the most compact mobile speaker from Bose which you must add to your entertainment gadgets.


JBL Charge

Get your hands on the new JBL Charge Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker ($134) if you’re looking for a speaker that gives unbeatable music experience for as long as 12 hours. Delivering unmatched audio performance, this comes with a USB charging port and weighs a mere 2.3 pounds. A further addition is the LED light indicator that indicates the battery position. There is a little lacking when it comes to the bass aspect; however, that is offset by the excellent sound quality resulting from the built-in 5-watt full-range drivers.


Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker

This mini speaker wins when it comes to the portability feature. It can easily fit in your pocket. Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker ($89) weighs only 255 grams and enhances the ultimate music experience with its Jawbone app giving access to all your saved and streaming music. You can listen longer with its feature of 10 hours of incessant playback and a wireless range of approximately 33 feet. What are you waiting for? Grab your Mini Jambox Speaker now!



The Lowdi Bluetooth Speaker ($129) makes you love the natural sound that brings music to life. Integrated with two built-in 3-watt speakers, it produces an output of 80 decibels at 0.5m. The sound quality outperforms the rest, and a further advantage is the ease of charging the battery via a USB port. So you can keep charging the speakers while still working on your device. Undoubtedly, this will make you feel unstoppable!


VIB-101 bluetooth portable speaker

Launched by Viben, VIB-101 Bluetooth Portable Speaker ($36) is one of the best speakers of 2015. The VIB-101 is a high-end Bluetooth speaker with microphone and a 40mm driver that produces immense sound. Not only this, it is known for its terrific bass due to the LF diaphragm installed. VIB-101 comes with the added features of rechargeable battery which allow 6 hours of standby and SIRI function to enable hands-free conversation. It’s a lightweight device with Bluetooth Transmission Distance of 10 meters. So, if you plan to invest in a good Bluetooth speaker, VIB 101 is one of the top choices.


Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System

Are you looking for a Bluetooth speaker to rock to your party? Sony RDHGTK37IP Portable Party System ($300) will be the ideal pick. For parties and gatherings where you want to play loud music, this gadget does it all from pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices to producing extraordinary sound. As an addition feature, you get a built-in LED lightening connector to select from 14 different options. Users can control the sound by choosing one of the 11 preset EQ settings and increase low-end bass response by engaging the BASS BAZUCA.


iHOME Id50Bzc

Looking for more utility? Grab the iHome Id50Bzc ($130). It is a portable speaker, alarm clock, charger, and radio. It has all unique features installed which make it different from the rest. You can connect it with Bluetooth enabled devices and it can work as a speakerphone, syncs with the iPhone clock and plays AM/FM radio. It charges iPad, iPod and phones whenever needed. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the freedom to use your smartphone and other devices limitlessly.


JLAB Audio Crasher Speaker

Looking for an outstanding return for the price? Get hands on the JLAB Audio Crasher Speaker ($54) which has come down to a new discounted price this season. It has two full-range drivers plus rear passive subwoofers installed for amazing bass that blows off the enthusiasm and produces excellent sound quality. Featuring a speakerphone mic and above all the 18-hour long battery standby, this is one of the unique combinations of attributes which brings you a greater return for the price.


Braven 600 Bluetooth Speakers

Last but not the least, we have the Braven 600 Speakers ($75) on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers. This brand will give you one of the best sound qualities due to its noise-canceling speakerphone feature. Providing a continuous playback time of 12-hours, this speaker provides sound quality similar to the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox. High fidelity audio gives you rich, room-filling sound and its sleek, stunning design complement its phenomenal features. We suggest you should go for this!